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This website is unnecessary.  Our return to awareness is inevitable.  But, and this is a small but, if you are interested in an aggressive and systematic approach to purification then please, check this out..

A Course In Miracles is my foundation.  I have complete trust in its goals and strategies. I’m not trying to replace it, merely to use other modalities to reinforce and accomplish conditions needed to reach goals in the course.  The Holy Spirit does all the heavy lifting in the purification process of forgiveness.  We do the work of  ‘Holy Spirit readiness’.  That is, it’s up to us to meet the conditions necessary for what I call a ‘real relationship with the Holy Spirit’.

 This site will be for students of ACIM to transform pain into joy with other students. Come to learn, practice and share your path to peace.

I intend to be interesting, surprising, useful and irreverent.  I know this isn’t for everybody, it will just take a few.  Like the header photo, 2 sharing a pod, trying to face the sun, Son?          5/26/12

What to expect.

First you’ll learn the basic techniques, see ACIM+NLP  , but not yet.  Then apply them to the 1st Chakra and related ACIM themes, removing blocks and making Chakra adjustments.  Once proficient and sufficient progress has been made you’ll move on to the 2nd Chakra and so on to the 4th.  This is the bulk of the purification work, the “systematic and aggressive” thing I was talking about.  It may sound like a chore, but change work is fun, it’s exchanging pain for joy.  What’s not to like.  We’ll keep working like this till you have a “real relationship with the Holy Spirit.”

Buddy system

All the techniques have scripts.  You’ll want someone to read them to you, to facilitate, assist, support, share.  Use Skype or G+ for 1 hour, or less, trades.  You will practice and process with each other, giving and receiving.  Your first month will be a tutorial with me, learning and practicing.  When ready, you’ll be able to buddy up with other graduates.  And you’re off and running.  Later, buddies can learn to be teachers and tutor new students.  So, the progression is student, buddy, teacher. This project is part of my on going process.   I’m not doing this for money, there is no charge, but I will ask you to practice on your own daily for maybe 10 minutes.

We’re all in this together, we may as well get out together.  Holy Relationships

One of the advantages to the buddy system is it’s an opportunity to practice holy relationships.  As a student of ACIM, you already understand and appreciate holy relationships.  I’ve always felt ACIM study groups are an opportunity to practice holy relationships and by doing so successfully, generalize them to everyone.  You have to start some where, and why not ACIM study groups where you come to immerse yourself in the course and have little baggage?  A typical trade will start with a statement of intention like “it is my intention to see you as a perfect creation of God and nothing more”.  Also, the Holy Spirit is asked to guide the trade.  At the end you will feel your heart open and a natural gratitude.  This is a time of healing, not gossiping and whining.  These are the conditions of a holy relationship, sharing spirit with no added noise.


“When two or more are joined in My name, I’ll be there.”  JC says that, not me.  Something extra ordinary happens when two or more come together, a phenomenon we will utilize.  I first noticed it when in love.  We came together, sometimes literally, for the same reasons, and generated an energy of can do, a lift, an enthusiasm.  It also happens in workshops and spiritual gatherings.  It’s as if two with shared intention manifest a third energy that acts as a resource.  Although the phenomenon works with a variety of shared intentions or frequencies, it’s of course best when it’s about Holy Spirit.   We come together to share a real relationship with the Holy Spirit through the Holy Spirit transaction of exchanging pain for joy.  You’ll know if it’s working for you, if you’re doing it right.

Case Management

It’s your life, your case.  You make all the decisions and choices, such as what emotion you want to run down, how often you want to trade, what technique you want to use.  Once you graduate and have a working knowledge of this NLP chakra device that we are building, you’ll be ready to plug your current issues and problems in to it and get some real relief.  Processing disturbances to peace effectively as they come up is a great way to improve the quality of your life.  It also reduces the amount of purifying we need to do, because every day, as new stuff comes up, we add to the need.  You won’t be alone in your management, you can email me and there will be a forum to see how others are doing and ask questions.  I can be reached at dan@this website dot see oh em.  (That’s to trick spammers.)


We start with learning and practicing the techniques.  Then we’ll explore your chakras to see what kind of shape they are in.  In the process, we’ll target touchy areas and insecurities.  We’ll knock down the peaks, the areas of extra sensitivity and reactivity, and we’ll fill in the valleys, areas of vulnerability, denial and insecurity.  The goal at this point is balance, emotionally within the chakra and balance between chakras.  This establishes a crude route to Holy Spirit so we can use Holy Spirit in our work with blocks.  So, chakra 1,2,3, H.S., then we start over with the first chakra but now we can take our time and explore the related issues, patterns and scripts.  By now you will either graduate or leave the program.


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